October 2022.All models available to order with short lead times.

VCSX-B £999 Features the VCS3/Synthi Filter,Envelope shaper,Ring Modulator,Input channels and Joystick.3.5mm jack sockets to interface with other VCS3/Synthi or modular synths.

VCSX-BC £2199/SYNTHE ‘A’ X £1999 All of the VCS3/Synthi modules minus the reverb and output amps.3.5mm jack sockets to interface with other VCS3/Synthi or modular synths.

SYNTHE ‘A’ £4799.A faithful recreation of the classic synth.100% accurate circuits with many period correct parts.Additional features include Audio/Low frequency and variable CV depth for all oscillators,Variable sync depth for oscillator 2,Gate and calibrated 1 volt/octave interface for all oscillators and filter,variable cv depth for filter with CV unslew,Trapezoid short-normal-long times with output inversion.CV control of Osc 1,2 & 3 shape,filter response and reverb mix via matrix column M.Features our custom designed 16×16 analogue switch matrix with direct switch data entry.99 patch memories.Built into a road worthy Explorer hard case

SYNTHE ‘AKS’ £6199.With KS Sequencer fitted into SYNTHE ‘A’case

KS SEQUENCER £1499. A 100% accurate recreation of this classic sequencer.Built using all original IC’s.Can be used with EMS VCS3/Synthi A MK2

KS(EG) SEQUENCER. £1649.As above but featuring additional Synthi Trapezoid,Bargraph sequence length display,clock Internal/stop/external and clear acrylic top.

VCSP £4999 Spec as the SYNTHE ‘A’ but built into a beautiful hand made mahogany cabinet.Additional inputs on the rear panel for external CV’s to joystick rows 15 and 16.

VCS300 £5299 As the VCSP but with SYNTHI 100 style custom made collet knobs. Oscillator 1 sine output can be switched to sub 1 oct square and ramp output to sub 2 octave square.Oscillator 3 pulse output can be switched to a ramp output or random voltage with noise as its source.Triangle output can be switched to a square output or sample & hold with the envelope shaper as source.Meter column can be routed to input ch 1 or 2 for variable inversion.Ch 2 has variable slew.Output channel 1 cv slew.Output channel 2 cv invert for stereo effects.Also available with mini oscilloscope replacing the panel meter.

All synthesisers are hand built so any custom modifications requested can usually be implemented. Worldwide shipping. Lifetime return to base warranty.

For up to date information or questions please contact us at mail@switchtrix.co.uk